Tales of the Radio Traveler Cover Russell Johnson

One starry night, standing a cornfield in northern Minnesota, Russell Johnson saw a tiny speck called Sputnik cross the heavens. Later, when he heard the faint beeps of the Russian satellite on a short wave radio, Wolfman Jack howl at America from across the Mexican border, and a ham radio operator in Borneo crackle through the static, he realized that the world’s borders extended far beyond that cornfield, to a world of flying monkeys, Russian missiles parading through Red Square, and rock and roll.

Radio became Johnson’s window to the world and later his profession as a radio host and journalist and finally as a writer and filmmaker, who saw this broader world in person.  Johnson’s book, “Tales of the Radio Traveler”, tunes into the wavelengths of world as it blends radio lore and wry humor in adventures in 20 countries in which he broadcasts a coup d’etat in Fiji, seeks out the mother-of-all-chickens in the jungles of Nepal, films a flea circus in Munich, helps a South Korean president save face, watches Arthur C. Clarke redesign Mars, and ends up in California’s far north, where both radio telescopes and crystal gazers seek signs of alien life.

Arthur C. Clarke Redesigning MarsTruck Attacked by Smugglers - PeruHeadline Sonoma Index TribuneThe Blue Lagoon Col Rabuka - Staged the coup d'et in FijiInterior Decoration - Skrang River, BorneoOld Warrior - Skrang River, BorneoThe Assassinated King and Queen of NepalThe Good Old Days - Bardolino, ItalyThe Author as a Young Reporter at Folsom Prison, California16 Ton Robotic TruckRelic Room, Bonfim Church, Bahia BrazilFlea Circus - MunichArtist in the Lobby of the Chelsea Hotel, New YorkJesus Ascending Up a Redwood TreeRadio Telescopes Searching for Aliens Life near Mt. Shasta CaliforniaTic Tac Toe Chickens Public Transportation - Myanmar aka BurmaGossip - Yunnan Province China